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In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few.
- Shunryu Suzuki

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For the comfort and safety of all students, please observe the following studio etiquette:

  • Kindly remove shoes upon entering our reception area and stow them safely under the bench.

  • Please refrain from wearing fragrance when visiting us. Perfumes, perfumed body lotions, and other scented products contain allergens that cause migraine headaches and difficulty breathing for many students and teachers

  • Please turn phones completely off while inside the building.

  • Please arrive a few minutes before scheduled class time.  In the event that you are late to class, please enter silently. Doors will be locked 10 minutes after start time. 


What if I've never taken a class before?

We recommend that brand new students start off with Yoga for Beginners (offered Monday and Thursday evenings), Restorative Yoga (Monday and Friday evenings) or Gentle Flow (offered daily, mornings and evenings). These classes are paced slowly and are ideal for beginners to begin exploring the practice. Learn more about these class types here.

What temperature should I expect classes to be?

Our studios are maintained at a comfortable room temperature in the range of 70-74° F.

Do I need to preregister for classes?

For your convenience, preregistration is available for all classes, but is required only for premium classes (Yoga Wall and glowBarre).

What if I preregistered for a class and need to cancel?

Reservations may be canceled by using our app. Please note that 2 hours notice is required to cancel a reservation for premium classes (Yoga Wall, glowBarre). Late cancelations and no-shows will be charged for class. If an unlimited pass is used to book the class, a drop-in fee of $30 will be charged to the credit card on file.

What if I'm not flexible?

Flexibility is not required to practice yoga. We offer multi-level classes and instruct each posture in several different variations to allow each student to find their own perfect balance of challenge and ease.

I'm pregnant. Which classes may I attend?

Congratulations! Provided that your physician or midwife approves of your participation in yoga classes, we would love to support you throughout your pregnancy. Students with an existing yoga practice are welcome to continue participating in all classes with the exception of Yoga Wall, and are encouraged to share the news of their pregnancies with their teachers in order to receive additional assistance and modifications when needed. Many women come to the yoga practice for the first time while pregnant; for those beginner students, we recommend limiting participation to Prental Yoga (Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings) and Gentle Flow (offered daily).

What kind of class should I take?

We offer a full array of classes, ranging from deeply relaxing to very challenging. How do you want to feel today? Relaxed: We recommend Restorative Yoga, Gentle Flow, and Yoga Wall Restore Balanced: Yoga for Beginners, Yoga Wall, and Moderate Flow Challenged: Pilates, glowBarre, Yoga Wall Core Learn more about these class types here.

What should I bring to class?

All you'll need is a yoga mat, which we offer for rent or purchase at the front desk. You may also wish to bring a reusable drinking bottle and small hand towel; we provide complimentary mat spray, filtered hot and cold drinking water, and organic herbal teas.

Why not hot?

Our understanding of the yoga practice is that it is not a practice of extremes, but is instead one of moderation, and that a steady breath and heartbeat help to cultivate steadiness in the mind. Our teachings are inspired by the lineage of Krishnamacharya, who specifically instructed his students to practice early in the morning in India in order to avoid extreme heat, which could contribute to agitation, dehydration, and increased inflamation. When practiced properly, a traditional, non-heated asana practice is more than adequate to warm the body from within.