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eat to glow!

The yoga practice is a lifestyle that reaches far beyond the boundaries of the mat.  For thousands of years, along with physical postures prescribed to cultivate more strength, flexibility, and overall comfort in the body, yogis have been encouraged to eat mindfully, as the foods we take in have an incredible impact on our physical health and mental clarity.  Following a clean diet can reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and improve focus, among countless other benefits.  


We know as teachers and practitioners how important our diet is for our overall health and well being.  That's why we're thrilled to have partnered with The Living Plate and Deans Market to make it easy and fun to eat in ways that nurture and support us.  


Nutritionists suggest that an ideal diet is comprised of 75% plant-based foods; most of us are no where near that mark.  The Vegan Challenge is a 28-day immersion in plant-based foods that will teach us how to shop for and prepare meals that support the 75% goal in the long term.  Enrollment is open to all- learn more and join us!​

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